Accessible Design

A fully inclusive website and digital presence ensure that you connect with each and every customer.

Stratticus is the go-to creative agency for accessible design. Our mantra is ‘leave no customer behind’.

UK and Irish legislation may set the standard for mobile Apps and website accessibility. At Stratticus, we go beyond this to create beautiful, accessible and functional touchpoints that embody your brand.

We believe no one should experience digital discrimination and that inclusion does not mean compromising the design aesthetic.

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Stratticus bring

accessible skills to your team

Having honed our accessible user experience (UX) skills with the foremost authority in accessible design, Accessible and Inclusion Labs (IALabs), Stratticus has successfully designed numerous award-winning accessible websites for our clients.

Trusted brands turn to Stratticus for creativity and expertise in accessible design. We have delivered meaningful accessible, beautiful, and functional websites for the National Council for the Blind (NCBI), Vision Sports Ireland and IALabs.

Our development and UX team continually invests in training to improve our skills and offer you the best in accessible design across a variety of media, including brochures, websites, Mobile Apps, digital media, PDFs and more.

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Our goal is to offer your customers a seamless user experience
When exploring accessible features for your website, we will thoughtfully consider keyboard and screen reader navigation, accessible images, forms and tables. Each website will be structured correctly with tabulated content, contextual information for charts and infographics and descriptive links.

We will include document accessibility, consistency in layout and navigation across all devices and operating systems for your project. Accessible design helps you to connect with all of your customers. It gives you a competitive edge and amplifies your message to a wider audience.

If you are considering updating your website and want to ensure all your customers can browse and access your services, we would love to help you.

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