Brand Design

Your visual identity has an extraordinary influence on how your business is perceived.

A successful brand design reflects the attributes and personality of your company. It is instantly recognisable and commands an emotional response from your audience. Together we can create a distinct and authentic look and feel that reflects your brand strategy, help you stand apart from your competitors and works across all your customer touchpoints.

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By the time we begin the creative exploration process, we already have a deeper understanding of your values and vision. We know you very well! We start by exploring themes and images, colour, language and typography which express and visually articulate your brand proposition. This exploration helps us to create a brand distinction that people connect with.

Stratticus develops three different design concept routes based on the research and learnings made throughout the brand strategy process. These are presented to you with their rationale for your review and feedback.

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Working collaboratively with your team and stakeholders the final design and brand identity are formed. We notionally apply the designs to various media such as stationary, social channels, homepage or resident magazine cover. Once you’ve seen it in action, we move on to the final step, creating the brand toolkit.

Your brand toolkit
Stratticus creates a brand toolkit and brand guidelines, a system with rules and style guides. This helps you keep that powerful connection with your customers and a consistent message across your print and digital assets.

If you are launching a new business or think it’s time for a re-brand and want to connect more powerfully with your audience, contact our team today.

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