Naming your business is undoubtedly the most crucial branding decision you will make. What do you want it to say about you?

How does it tell your customers about your brand and vision? Will your name be descriptive or abstract, suggestive or personify its founders? Whatever name you decide on, it must be memorable and have a good story behind it.

Let Stratticus help you create a distinct company name that resonates with your audience, reflects the company personality and is memorable within the region it operates.

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Name brainstorming

and Ideation

We will go through many iterations of names throughout this process, and by the end, your name will be a calling card for all your brand principles. With your input, Stratticus use a combination of methods to brainstorm and generate a long list of naming options.

In the second round of name generation, we work with your team to cull some names and refine the options. With your feedback onboard we use our signature filtering methodology to find the right name for you. We narrow the options down by aligning them with key themes and concepts that are core to your brand and engage with stakeholders and focus groups through digital and offline methods to create a shortlist of name options.

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Checks and due diligence
One critical but often overlooked step in the naming process is to conduct research across different sectors and regions for existing brand names and identities that may conflict with your choices or result in a dispute. Stratticus will create a report identifying all available names. With our help, you now have the joyous task of picking one!

Once we reach an agreement on your brand name, Stratticus recommends legal representation to register and trademark your name. We’ll also advise you on purchasing the URL for your brand-new name!

Stratticus recommends legal representation to register and trademark your name.

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