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People come alive with our Social
Media Employee Advocacy Programme

What’s the problem?

Are your employees getting on with the job, but they are not genuinely engaged? Studies by Gallup show that more than 90% of employees are disengaged! That drastically reduces creativity and productivity, consequently affecting your bottom line.

Let’s have a chat about how to leverage your teams’ talent, engagement and transform employees to become true BRAND ADVOCATES!

Employees disengaged

Over 90% of employees are not engaged in a way that gives them a sense of ownership

Trusted personal networks

Personal networks, arguably the most powerful way to build a trusted brand, are not utilised

Restless employees

71% of employees declaring their intention to leave for a competitor


Creates a strong sense of belonging amongst employees and turns them into devoted brand advocates

what happens
when employees
are engaged

Research shows something magical happens when employees are engaged.

41% lower absenteeism
24% lower turnover
17% higher productivity

The ripples run deep and far; staff are happier, an increase in efficiency and production improving your bottom line and profitability, talented people take notice of your business, knowledge and insights previously buried are shared across the business, businesses have a clear focus, agenda and direction.

Thankfully, the work of engaging your employees doesn’t have to take up more of your time.

By training your employees to use social media you can meet 3 crucial objectives:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase profits
  • Embed your brand and values

So how do we engage employees?

We’ve developed a Social Media Employee Advocacy Program that can minimise your
time on social media and maximise results.

The program is designed to create a stronger sense of belonging amongst your employees; equip them with the tools to build meaningful relationships with their audiences on a personal, emotional and business level.

You can influence and Build your brand with us. Speak to one of our experts to get started.

The benefits at a glance


Lower absenteeism


Higher productivity


Lower staff turnover


More willing to pay a premium for your products

What's the process

Our entire process follow 4 straight-forward steps - definition,
integration, engagement and support.


Define your social media objectives and the specific roles for each person involved in the programme


Deliver consistency of your brand and enhance the social media profiles of participants


Hands on Linkedin training including building a personal brand


Working with each participant to develop their own Linkedin activity plan

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Some of our clients


We’re proud to be featured on Clutch, the global independent
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Birkett Long LLP

“They’re pushing us to be different, which is exactly what we want.”

Birkett Long LLP

Kings College Hospital London – Dubai

“I would recommend Stratticus to anybody because they’re willing to go above and beyond.”

Kings College Hospital London - Dubai

ABER Instruments Ltd.

“They’re super responsive and in-tune with what we need. They sometimes get in touch with us to share an idea before we approach them.”

ABER Instruments Ltd.