We saw higher engagement, more lead generation across the board, and significant increases in product sales as a result of Stratticus’ work.

Eifion Loosley
Marketing Manager
Aber Instruments

Stratticus and Stryve – a new standard in creative and secure digital comms

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Stratticus is pioneering solutions to fill a gap in the market between design and security. Stratticus is leading the way, developing and managing digital assets with cutting-edge security features as standard for the ever-evolving digital economy.  The new entity has already created five new positions for developers and administration staff.

CEO, Andrew Tobin, believes this integrated high-level security will become the new normal for businesses managing digital assets for example, website, Apps, social media, databases and third party software, he explains,

“With an increasingly digital workplace, the new partnership, Stratticus, is where creativity meets security. Offering fully secure hosting environments and private cloud computing completely protected by its own security operations centre. Stratticus will future-proof web and App development with state-of-the-art cybersecurity putting our client’s digital assets in safer hands.”

Through the partnership with Stryve, Stratticus now has a portfolio of established customers, including, The Portland Hospital, Aber Instruments, Birkett Long, NCBI, Unum and The Instutute of Osteopathy. With an unrivaled skillset including brand creation and design, website design, UX and development, event design and build, social media and search engine optimisation, video and animation, secure private cloud, security as a service (SaaS), immutable backups, disaster recovery and data security.

Andrew went on to say, 

Customer experience is a core value at Stryve. Customers need to know that their data is safe. Should a problem occur, Stryve customers can talk to a real person, day or night, to resolve an issue. This dedication to customer service is shared by Stratticus. We also share a people-first approach. Bring expertise and creative thinkers together with a shared vision to deliver world-class Creative, design, cybersecurity, and digital integrity for start-ups and SMEs alike.”

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