UX Design

UX Design is the art of understanding how your unique customer base prefers to browse your website and making their journey as seamless as possible.

Our experts help your customers enjoy a no-friction user journey when visiting your site. Our design team use UX techniques to ensure the user experience meets their needs whilst fulfilling your commercial goals.

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Understanding your

users’ goals, know your goals

Most clients have a clear objective for their website: inform, generate leads or entice customers to purchase. The users’ needs may be very different.

UX development begins with researching customer behaviour within your space. We examine your competitors, the industry and your current website activity, using heat mapping and analytics to uncover your clients’ online behaviours.

With just seconds to make a good first impression, we use proven UX principles to ensure smooth navigation throughout your site. Consistency across your website builds confidence, trust, and reassurance in your customer.

To create an outstanding user experience, we also consider white space, pagination and hierarchy, ease of navigation and the ability to undo actions. Then we test, edit, revise and update. These strategies lead your customer through your website and ultimately to your desired action.

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Stratticus bring accessible UX skills to your team
Stratticus specialise in UX and accessible design. Focusing on your customers to create a seamless user journey without compromising the design aesthetic.

Having honed our accessible UX skills, trusted brands turn to Stratticus for our creativity and expertise in accessible design. Our development and UX team continually invests in training to improve their skills and offer you the best in accessible design.

If you are thinking of launching or updating your website, we would love to help you.

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