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Jennie Skingsley
Marketing Manager
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ABER – Setting the standard by which success is measured

Brand positioning, brand design, website, advertising campaign, product launch, social media campaigns.

Aber banner - committed to pioneering technology, innovation, expertise and partnership in biotech and brewing to deliver success...beyond measure
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Aber Instruments are global providers of cell capacitance sensors to both the Biotech and Brewing sectors. Their story is really interesting not just because they started in a shed, or because they are named after a coastal town in North Wales or even because they are an employee owned business. They actually invented their technology which is the use of dialectric spectroscopy to measure cell capacitance.

We started working with the team at Aber in 2019 by developing their brand proposition which has gone on to lead the brand design and all subsequent marketing activity from their new website through to brochures, event stand, and digital advertising. It’s been a really steep learning curve for us but we have really enjoyed working with these guys.


351% increase in direct traffic to the website

Home page of the Aber website displayed on a laptop

Collection of pages from the Aber product brochure

image of seminar featuring a screen from an Aber presentation

Lab technician fitting an Aber probe to a vessel

a collection of linkedin posts promoting capacitance technology displayed on mobile devices

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