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Sow Now – Raising funds for the Red Cross Ukranian Appeal

Campaign name, Campaign brand, Packaging design, Website design and development

Sow Now logo and sunflower graphic
statistics - 200 national outlets selling seed packs, Press - national news, Virgin news, Radio interviews collection of Sow Now seed packets

Sow Now is a fundraising campaign started by a compassionate, dedicated, and determined lady by the name of Jacqui McNabb. The idea of the campaign was to get people to buy and plant sunflower seeds as a show of support for the Ukrainian people. We were asked to get involved to create the name, brand, and various assets including seed packets and the website. We loved the idea and jumped at the chance.

We wanted to develop a campaign that would

  • Stand out and inspire people to get involved
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Help raise as much as possible

The campaign had two main areas of focus, one to raise much-needed funds through selling the sunflower seeds and two, to show support for the Ukrainian people by planting and sharing with the world. Let’s sow them, let’s show them.

The seed packets were distributed across Ireland in supermarkets and shops. We’re now looking forward to the flood of sunflowers blooming in Ireland.

Advertising image - we've risen up and sown our colours for ukraineRise up and show your coloursSow Now website and merchandise

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